5 Reasons Why You Should Switch Over to LED Lighting If you Haven’t Already!

Nobody likes paying their bills at the end of the month, particularly with prices on the rise, however there is a way that you can put a smile on your face the next time you open that dreaded envelope and look at how much your electricity bills have gone down! Which brings us to point number one of the 5 reasons why you should switch over to LED lighting if you haven’t already:


1 – Cost Cutter

LED lighting is the most energy efficient when it comes to lighting technology, coming in at a whopping 85% more efficient than halogen! Just imagine how much money you can save on your bills when you kit your entire house out with LED lighting?



2 – Fast Return on Investment

Sure, you’ll have to fork some money out in the beginning to buy your LED lighting, have them installed (if you don’t fancy doing it yourself) and general maintenance and replacement. However, LED lighting offers the fastest return of investment due to how energy efficient they are, so, before long what you’ll save on your energy bills will cover the initial costs altogether – You really can’t argue with that!


3 – Long Lasting

It’s no secret that LED lights last significantly longer than any other light on the market, typically lasting 10 times longer! This in itself is reason enough to switch over to LED lighting. So, when someone asks you: ‘how many people does it take to change a lightbulb?’; you can say: ‘I dunno yet but I’ll let you know in 11 years’ time.’



4 – Far Superior Light Quality

There’s no denying that LED lights are far superior to any other type of light, given their evident quality. They’re available in a wide variety of temperatures and can produce incredibly bright and crisp light, making them perfect for a number of applications, including security and spotlights.


  eco light5 – Go Green!

If not for the reasons listed above, to it for the environment. LED lighting is so much more energy efficient that it will reduce the overall impact that you have on the environment as an individual household. In addition to that, all of the materials used to make an LED light can be recycled, whereas other types of light bulbs have to be disposed of with much more care and consideration.


Bonus – They’re Perfect for Creating Ambiance

And last but by no means least, LED lights are perfect for creating an ambiance in your home, with a variety of colour temperatures for the various rooms throughout the house. For a quality guide on how to create the best ambiance in your home follow the link.

The best thing of all though? You don’t even need to make your way into a store to buy everything you need! Simply find a reputable website such as LED’s NZ Online and you’ll find absolutely everything you need from the comfort of your own sofa!

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