5 Signs its Time to Have Your Swimming Pool Renovated & Resurfaced

If you’re the proud owner of a swimming pool, then you’ll be all too aware of how much joy it brings to you and your family. Think of all the times you’ve spent splashing around with your loved ones and having a laugh. It’s an incredible thing, but one that can become less enjoyable over time. This is largely due to the fact that when left unchecked, a swimming pool can all too easily fall into disrepair. So, how do you spot these issues and what can you do about them?

pool1 – Structural cracks

Structural cracks can cause significant damage to your swimming pool, and a great deal of stress to go with it. If you’ve spotted cracks forming in your swimming pool, then you might be worried about you or your family members cutting themselves on the sharp, exposed concrete. Of course, you could always try to fill the crack, but that won’t be a permanent fix to the problem. Your best bet will be to have your swimming pool re-surfaced for the best results.

2 – Rust stains

These can be spotted like little copper pennies at the bottom of your pool. This is an unsightly problem which can make using your pool significantly less attractive. Repairing / removing these rust stains can be a nuisance. Often, the most viable option would be to have the pool re-plastered instead. You might also want to look into proper swimming pool sanitation as well, to ensure that your PH levels are as they should be.

3 – Pebbles coming loose

If you’ve got a lovely pebble-dash finish in your pool, then over time you might notice them dropping out onto the bottom of the pool. This is generally from too much acid-washing, and as a result they become loose and fall out. In addition to that, you might notice the cement holding them together discolouring. If this is the case for you then it’s definitely time to have your pool sorted out.

4 – Cracks in the plaster

If you can see a spiderweb of cracks forming in the plaster in your pool. Or perhaps it’s beginning to peel off leaving unwanted debris in your pool, then you should endeavour to have it re-finished. There are few things that you can do to rectify this issue, besides calling in the professionals!

5 – Staining on the surface

It’s not just rust that can stain the surface of your pool, but salt as well. You might find that your pool has gone a horrible grey-blue colour, leaving you feeling less inclined to want to dive in. If this is happening to you, then you should reach out to a reputable company like West Coast Pool Resurfacing to assist you. That way you can have your pool restored back to its original beauty and not have to worry about these issues any longer!

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