6 Important Things to Consider Before Building Your Granny Flat

The entire process of having a granny flat built is a rather lengthy one, however it can be cut far shorter and made significantly easier if you follow these simple steps. It’s just about having a little careful consideration and thoroughly planning, so that there will be no pitfalls or hiccups along the way.

granny1 – Getting Approval

Unfortunately, simply making the decision that you want or need a granny flat isn’t enough to get it done. If you start building without permission, you could get into a lot of trouble. Of course, it really depends on your living situation and where you’re based, as different councils have different requirements. The best thing to do is head into your local council and have a discussion with the Building and Planning Department. They will then be able to advise you accordingly and help you with the application process.

2 – There Will Be Size Restrictions

Again, this is something that you will be able to go through with your local councils Building and Planning Department, however it is something that you should be aware of before heading in. You will need a certain amount of free land before being able to build, so if you’ve got very little space in your garden, there’s a good chance that you won’t be allowed to build on it. It’s worth checking out the size restrictions in your local area before giving it any more thought.

interior design3 – Design & Layout

If you’re interested in luxury granny flats, then you’re going to want to have the very best people working on your design. You will likely have a rough plan in your head already, though a reputable and experienced company will be able to advise you accordingly with some truly spectacular plans that should exceed your expectations.

4 – The Future of Your Granny Flat

You might not be in need of a granny flat just yet as your elderly parents are still happy and comfortable living at home, though it’s certainly a good investment for the future. In the meantime, you can quite comfortably rent the space out for some extra income! Before long, you might even see a return on your initial investment. Just be mindful and plan ahead so that they granny flat is optimised well for the elderly, with easy access and assistance rails in the bathroom for example.

5 – Privacy is Key (For Everyone)

This is crucial in the planning stage, particularly when you’re trying to figure out how much space you have available to use. You’re going to want the granny flat to have its own privacy, which either means building a fence / walled off area, or having it built further away from the house (again, very much dependent on the size of your property)

This is not only important for you and your parents, but for when you plan to rent the granny flat out to other tenants. They’re going to want to feel separate from you and that they have their own privacy, and of course, you’re going to want the same as well.

budget6 – Budget Well

It’s important to be realistic and to remember that there’s a good chance that you will see a healthy return on your investment, provided that you do plan to rent it out. That being said, even if you don’t want to rent it out to other tenants, you’ll still be adding value to your property all the same, so it is a win-win. However, the need for careful budgeting remains all the same, as you don’t want to break the bank or pay over the odds. Have a shop around, do your research and seek out a company who is willing and able to give you an accurate estimation before going ahead.

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