Several tests have been carried out. Two veterinarians from Israel, experts in lion neurology and an anaesthesiologist, came to Brazil to examine him.

We found out that he has an autoimmune disease, we don’t know what exactly autoimmune disease, and we are still missing the results of some other tests which were sent to Israel and it takes time to get the results. His case is unique and apparently no one has ever reported anything like this, so we’re all waiting for the results to close the diagnosis. There are many veterinarians around the world studying the case to see what is the correct diagnosis (when we get more news, we will tell everybody) and from there, find out what’s the best treatment for Ariel.

Ariel is feeling very good now and we are doing a treatment called “palliative treatment” to give him the best quality of life as possible. He also has acupuncture, physiotherapy, eats well and can excrete and urinate unsupervised. Every day, we give him love and lots of kisses and hugs from his mom, Dad, and all of his surrogate family online…

Please, understand, it is a rare case and difficult for the doctors to find an answer.
But, we have the best team taking care of Ariel now!